There are others, and then there is AYLI


When it comes to language services, you can take your pick from any number of providers ranging from reputed international companies to anonymous freelancers.  So what makes us different?  

At As You Like It Language Services LLC we know that each client is unique.  We are crafters of words and teachings, every job we take on is handled with utmost care and attention.  Before you commit to anything, we provide you with a scalable, fully customized estimate based on:

  • a careful analysis of your needs;
  • a tailored proposal;
  • affordable rates;
  • superior service.


Crafting words and teachings…


AYLI has been providing a wide range of customized language services for nearly 30 years.  Below are some examples of what we do.


Language Classes

Executive Language Training 

Communication Skills Training 

Group and Face-to-face Classes

Telephone/internet Classes

Full Immersion Courses

Exam Preparation

English as a Second Language (ESL)

French, Spanish, and Italian classes (and other languages on request)



Website Content

Business Presentations

Theses and Reports

Business Correspondence

Business Agreements 

Email Express Service 

Technical Documentation

Professional Writing Services 

Personal Correspondence

Resumes and Job Applications

Personal Writing Services


Bilingual Services

Consecutive Interpreting


Liaison Services

Relocation Assistance

Website Localization (specialized in European countries)


Let AYLI help you find the right solution to your language needs.  Contact us for a free proposal and estimate.